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Rollepaal Efficciency

Increasing efficiency of production with Rollepaal's cool neck calibration sleeve

Want to increase your efficiency in producing PVC pipes? We give you our cost-saving solution: the Cool neck calibration sleeve.

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Brett Martin Ltd Visited Rollepaal

We are pleased to announce the successful inspection of a sophisticated production line in Dedemsvaart, recently sold to our esteemed customer, Brett...

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The Differential Scanning Calorimetry

There are multiple techniques for determining the quality of PVC parts, the most common being the acetone immersion test and the dichloromethane...

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''The need to act has never been more urgent''

''The need to act has never been more urgent. We are no longer looking to the future effects of climate change. We are now seeing the effects in the...

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NPE Rollepaal Exhibitor

Save the date! Rollepaal will be at NPE2024

Last time, NPE 2018 welcomed an impressive 56,034 people from 19,000 unique companies over the course of 5 days – a prime opportunity to build new...

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Multilayer die head

Rollepaal is contributing to a better world

The global consciousness regarding the polluting aspect of plastics is increasing. United Nations member states will meet end of this month in order...

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Check out the new introductory video of Rollepaal Multi-layer pipe extrusion line

Having environmentally conscious production is essential but above that, cost saving in the production is what every producer should be looking for...

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RHO 24 2+2T haul-off Rollepaal

The new generation, RHO 24 2+2T haul-off, is in Rollepaal’s product range

What would make RHO 24 2+2T unique? How does this state-of-the-art haul off carry out its mission?

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