Multi-Layer Die Heads

Unrivalled Precise Layer Distribution

Multi-Layer Die Heads

Rollepaal's RMD die head ensures consistent layer distribution, eliminating the need for a melt flow restrictor gap, and features symmetrical channels to prevent clogging. With a modular design including Smart Tool Change and Smart Centring, the RMD die head offers single or double compression tooling options and facilitates effortless cleaning through its accessible distribution channels.

Key Benefits

  • Superior Layer Distribution: Our multilayer die heads ensure precise layer thickness control, resulting in an even distribution of layers with consistent quality. This guarantees the production of pipes with excellent physical properties and aesthetic appeal.

  • Cost Efficiency: By utilizing our multilayer die heads, you can optimize material usage, reduce scrap, and enhance production efficiency. This results in cost savings, making your operations more economical and profitable.

  • Versatile and Sustainable: Our multilayer die heads are designed to accommodate recycled material, allowing you to produce a variety of pipes with different material combinations. This flexibility enables you to meet diverse market demands and expand your product portfolio.

  • Enhanced Product Quality: Our multilayer die heads enable the production of high-quality plastic pipes with consistent layer properties, ensuring excellent mechanical strength, barrier properties, and visual appeal.

  • Increased Productivity: By optimizing material usage and reducing downtime during changeovers, our multilayer die heads enhance production efficiency, allowing you to maximize output and meet customer demands effectively.

Efficient Die Cleaning with Hydraulic Levelling System

The die support of our multilayer die heads incorporates a hydraulic levelling system, ensuring efficient and precise handling of the die. This advanced feature, combined with specially designed cleaning tools, streamlines the cleaning process, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. With quick and easy die cleaning, you can maintain continuous operation, reducing interruptions and maximizing your production output.


Maximizing Material Savings with Excellent Skin Distribution

Our multilayer die heads are designed to provide excellent skin distribution, resulting in optimal material usage and significant material savings. By ensuring uniform layer thickness throughout the pipe, our die heads minimizes the waste and lowers production costs.


Market-Leading Skin-Core Ratio

With our multilayer die heads, you can achieve the best performance in the market in terms of skin-core ratio extrusion. Our advanced technology and precise control allow for the production of pipes with an ideal balance between the skins and the core. By optimizing the distribution, we enable you to create high-quality products with enhanced mechanical strength and improved visual appeal, setting you apart from the competition.

Intersection Multi-Layer

Adjustable Outer and Inner Skin Ratio

Even in a double extruder set-up, our multilayer die heads offer the flexibility of adjustable outer and inner skin ratios. This unique feature allows you to fine-tune the layer distribution according to your specific requirements. Whether you need a higher proportion of outer skin or inner skin, our die heads provide the versatility to achieve the desired outcome, enabling you to meet various application needs and expand your product capabilities.


Minimal Aid for Foam Generation

Foam generation requires minimal aid with our multilayer die heads. Our advanced technology allows for efficient foaming while minimizing the need for additional additives. This not only simplifies the extrusion process but also reduces your material costs and environmental impact.


2 and 3-Layer Version for Enhanced Pipe Capabilities

Our multilayer die heads are available in both 2-layer and 3-layer versions, offering enhanced product capabilities and production options. Whether you require a simple two-layer structure or a more complex three-layer configuration, our die heads provide the versatility to meet your specific needs.
Enjoy the flexibility of creating a diverse range of products with varying layer combinations using our advanced multilayer technology!


Thin Coating Application of PVC

Our multilayer die heads enable the precise and uniform application of a thin coating of PVC. Whether you require a protective coating or a specific functional layer, our die heads provide the accuracy and consistency needed to achieve optimal results. With our advanced coating capabilities, you can enhance the performance and durability of your pipes, expanding their range of applications and meeting customer requirements.


Quick and Easy Cleaning with Round Branched Holes

Cleaning our multilayer die heads is a breeze, thanks to the round branched holes design. This unique feature allows for easy disassembly and quick, hassle-free cleaning, minimizing downtime and optimizing productivity. With simplified maintenance procedures, you can ensure consistent production output and reduce the risk of contamination.


Optimal Foam Layer Quality with Special Tooling Design

Our multilayer die heads feature a special tooling design that ensures optimal foam layer quality in the final product. The precision of our die heads allows for the creation of foam layers with excellent uniformity, mechanical strength, and consistency.


Versatility for Foam Core and Solid Wall

Our multilayer die heads are suitable for both foam core and solid wall applications. Whether you're working with K57 or K67 pipe grade virgin material or 100% recycled material, our die heads offer exceptional performance and consistent results. With the ability to accommodate different material compositions, you can cater to a wider range of customer demands and enhance your product offerings.

RMD product range

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Multi-Layer Die Heads

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