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Our extensive global service network, combined with our skilled service engineers ensure prompt assistance and support. With service hubs located in Europe, the United States and India we guarantee that we are always within reach.

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Elevate your production quality and efficiency with Rollepaal's specialized training programs, ensuring your team masters the latest in extrusion technology and best practices


Transform your plastic extrusion operations with Rollepaal’s latest upgrades—upgrading efficiency, product quality, and savings with our advanced technology solutions


Minimize downtime and optimize your PVC extrusion line performance with Rollepaal's global on-site mechanical and electrical repairs

Service Contracts

Our customized service contracts are designed to help you get the most out of your Rollepaal equipment.
Tailored to meet your specific operational needs with the expert support of our skilled engineers.

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Rollepaal Excellent Service
  • Upgrade PVC formulation
  • Improve pipe properties
  • Enable further reduction in density (weight per metre)
  • Reduce change over time and startup scrap
  • Annual two-day visit by Rollepaal processing engineer
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Rollepaal Basic Service
  • 24/5 technical helpdesk
  • Access to My Rollepaal spares portal
  • Annual two-day visit by Rollepaal service engineer
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Rollepaal Essential Maintenance
  • Vibration measurement and analyses
  • Thermal inspection of electrical cabinets
  • Two extra one-day visits by Rollepaal service engineer

(only as an extension of the RBS contract)