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Haul Offs

At Rollepaal, we specialize in developing high-quality haul offs that are designed to meet the demanding needs of plastic pipe extrusion companies. Our haul off machines offer superior traction and precision control, enabling you to achieve optimal performance, enhanced efficiency, and superior pipe quality. With a focus on innovation and advanced engineering, our haul offs deliver unmatched reliability and durability.


Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Traction: Our haul offs are equipped with advanced traction systems that ensure a firm grip on the extruded pipe, minimizing slippage and ensuring consistent speed and tension throughout the process.
  • Precision Control: With precise and consistent speed control, our haul offs allow you to maintain the desired pipe dimensions and achieve excellent dimensional accuracy, resulting in high-quality finished plastic pipes.
  • Versatility: Our haul offs are designed to accommodate a wide range of pipe sizes and materials, allowing for flexibility in your production line and facilitating easy transition between different dimensions.

Low Maintenance: Enhance Efficiency with Minimal Effort

Our haul offs are designed to minimize maintenance requirements, allowing you to focus on your production process without the hassle of frequent repairs or downtime. With durable components and a robust construction, our haul offs withstand the demands of continuous operation. The streamlined design ensures easy access for routine maintenance tasks, reducing the time and effort required to keep the machine in optimal condition. 


Quick Diameter Change: Seamless Transition Between Pipe Diameters

Changing the diameter of the extruded pipe is simple and efficient with our haul offs. Featuring a user-friendly interface and innovative quick-change mechanisms, our haul offs enable you to swiftly adjust the settings to accommodate different pipe sizes. With precision and reliability, our haul offs ensure a smooth transition between pipes, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. 


Long Contact Length: Optimal Grip for Consistent Performance

With an extended contact length, our haul offs provide optimal grip and traction for a stable extrusion process. The longer contact surface enhances the overall control and stability of the pipe, minimizing slippage and maintaining a consistent speed. This improves pipe quality, resulting in finished plastic pipes of exceptional dimensional accuracy. 


Covered with Rubber Blocks: Safeguard the Surface Integrity

To protect the surface of your pipes from damage during the extrusion process, our haul offs are equipped with rubber blocks that provide a cushioning effect. These rubber blocks prevent direct contact between the haul off and the pipe, mitigating the risk of scratches, dents, or other surface imperfections. By safeguarding the integrity of your pipes, our haul offs help maintain the highest quality standards and ensure a smooth production process that meets or exceeds your customers' expectations.

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Designed for Accuracy, Socketing, and Ease of Use: Efficient and Reliable

Our haul offs are meticulously engineered to prioritize accuracy, socketing capabilities, and ease of use. With precise speed control, you can achieve outstanding dimensional accuracy, ensuring the desired pipe specifications are met consistently. Additionally, our haul offs are designed for seamless socketing, facilitating the integration of socket fittings with ease.


Integrated Software in the Central Controls

Integrated software is a standard feature in the central control system, enabling advanced automation and streamlined control of the extrusion process. The intuitive software interface allows for seamless integration with other production line equipment, optimizing the overall efficiency and productivity of your operation. With real-time monitoring and precise adjustment capabilities, you can maintain tight control over speed, tension, and other crucial parameters.


Usable in Other Production Lines

Whether you need to integrate our haul offs into existing pipe extrusion lines or incorporate them into new production setups, their versatility and adaptability make them the ideal choice. Benefit from the seamless integration of our haul offs into various pipe extrusion lines and expand the capabilities of your production effectively.

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Haul Offs

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