Digital Solutions

Rollepaal presents its ground-breaking digital solutions tailored for the pipe manufacturing industry. Streamline your operations, boost your efficiency, and stay on the cutting edge of technological advancements with these intelligently designed digital tools.

Digital R

Enhanced Precision

Providing you with detailed and accurate operations, fostering an iterative improvement based on precise data analysis


Increased Efficiency

Our solutions help optimize processes, making your overall operations more efficient and cost-effective

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Advanced Connectivity

Connect to your Rollepaal machines worldwide with Rollepaal Connect and manage your production from any location, while Rollepaal can also give remote support

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Real-time Insights

Access real-time data to make informed decisions that propel productivity, reduce waste, and expedite production start-ups


Extensive Security

We take security seriously, and our systems are built to meet the highest industry standards

Rollepaal Connect

The heart of Rollepaal's digital solutions is Rollepaal Connect, now standard on all new extruders and can be retrofitted to any Rollepaal extruder, scanner, or PCS.


Use cases

Whether you are a small manufacturing unit or a large offshore plant, Rollepaal Connect can be an intuitive solution for real-time machinery management, optimal performance, and efficient troubleshooting.

Web-Based Interactive Trend Viewer

 This functionality provides visualization of data trends and behavioral patterns, enhancing your operational insights and decision-making.

Periodic Reporting

Automate your workflow with scheduled weekly or monthly reports, ensuring you're always up to date on your machinery performance.

Data Export

Rollepaal Connect allows easy data exporting to platforms like Power BI and Excel, ensuring seamless integration with your existing analytical tools.

Statistical Analysis

Our solution enables in-depth statistical analyses, assisting you in making informed decisions based on reliable data insights.

Automated Regular Reports

Automatically generate weekly or monthly reports, saving valuable time and optimizing operational efficiency

Multi-User Access


Rollepaal Connect's multi-user feature supports team collaboration and streamlined workflow across departments.

Historical Overview

Easily access historical performance data, aiding in benchmarking, trend identification, and problem resolution.

Analytics Across Multiple Machines

Analyze data from multiple machines simultaneously, providing a complete view of your operations and facilitating cross-machine comparisons.