UV Exposure has no Practical Effects on PVC Pipe Performance

It is crucial to acknowledge that while UV radiation from sunlight has the potential to affect the outermost surface of PVC pipe, extensive research has validated that there is no practical impact on the pipe's performance characteristics even after...

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European Meta-Study Confirms Long Service Lifetime of Plastic Pipes

A new study commissioned by TEPPFA provides concrete evidence that plastic pipes, when designed, manufactured, and installed in accordance with...

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Navigating Water Main Challenges: The Proven Effectiveness of PVC Pipes

In a landscape marked by the need for resilient and sustainable water infrastructure, recent findings from Utah State University (USU) shed light on...

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Comprehensive Comparison: PVC-O Batch Process vs. Inline Process

Industry professionals operating in the arena of PVC-O pipe production have two primary approaches they can employ - the Off-line (Batch) Process and...

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The Production Process of PVC-O: Creating a Bi-Oriented Pipe with Optimal Strength

Bi-Oriented Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC-O) is a leap ahead in the PVC industry, showcasing properties that set it apart; including superior strength,...

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The Evolution of PVC-O Technology: From Batch to Inline Processes

Polyvinyl Chloride-Oriented (PVC-O) technology has been a cornerstone innovation in developing robust, efficient, and reliable plastic pipes. By...

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Accelerating Sustainability through the Accelerated Adoption of Technology

Download the paper: Accelerating Sustainability through the Accelerated Adoption of Technology (Venegas, 2021)

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Raw Material Costs Rising

Current Volatility and Raw Material Cost: Present Challenges & Opportunities

Parag Chheda, JMD of Prince Pipes & Fittings Ltd was interviewed about the present challenges and opportunities in the sector with the current...

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Quality Control

The Differential Scanning Calorimetry

We would like to draw your attention to a great Rollepaal technique: The Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) for materials research.

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Cost Saving Solutions PVC Pipe

Cost saving solutions in turbulent times for raw materials

Water is the lifeblood of humanity. Clean drinking water is by no means a given everywhere. Water supply and drainage is a worldwide problem in which...

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