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Experience the Future at NPE2024 in Orlando

Experience the Future at NPE2024 in Orlando
Experience the Future at NPE2024 in Orlando




Step into our MIXED REALITY EXPERIENCE and see all our machines as if they were right before you.

We can try to tell you here how great our machines are and how this is a next-level experience, but you have to see this for yourself. Come to our stand and see how we project a complete interactive pipe extrusion line of 160 feet right before you.




Service without boundaries

Whether you're in the digital cloud or on the factory floor, our SERVICE got you covered. Our expertise in the pipe extrusion processes gives you peace of mind. Learn how our on-site and online support systems are built to ensure your operations face minimal downtime. We offer customized service contracts that will improve the quality and longevity of your machines as well as their results.




Elevate operational control

Our DIGITAL SOLUTIONS are designed to streamline your production. Monitor and boost your machinery efficiency with our cutting-edge tech and explore how we even can transform your existing production line to the latest standards.




Book a meeting at NPE2024

Book a meeting with one of our Sales Account Managers to experience Mixed Reality and see what digital solutions can help you optimize your production.


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