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Join Rollepaal at Plast Focus 2024

Join Rollepaal at Plast Focus 2024
Join Rollepaal at Plast Focus 2024 - Rollepaal - Your Trusted Partner in Pipe Extrusion | Rollepaal

Visit Rollepaal at Plast Focus 2024 in New Delhi (India)



As a globally recognised authority in pipe extrusion technologies, it's our pleasure at Rollepaal to invite you to discover our latest advancements at the Plast Focus trade fair, happening from 1st to 5th February 2024. Set your sights on Yashobhoomi, IICC, in Dwarka, New Delhi, and find us at Hall no. 01, Booth no. E-19.

This opportunity offers you a detailed insight into our innovative product lineup, with a focus on how Rollepaal can facilitate significant cost reductions in your pipe production operations.

At our booth (Hall no. 01, Booth no. E-19), you'll get a first-hand experience of our expertise in PVC-O and multilayer pipe extrusion technologies. Our PVC-O extrusion revolutionises traditional PVC properties, culminating in pipes with enhanced strength, lighter weight, and superior resistance to corrosion and mechanical failures.

We also highlight our multilayer pipe extrusion technology; a leap beyond single-layered pipe production that promises immensely improved product performances. With this technology at your industry's disposal, you can look forward to a significant reduction in material wastage and a remarkable increase in return on investment.

Rollepaal's commitment to delivering precise, efficient, and economical solutions for the plastic pipe industry is unwavering and is grounded in a comprehensive understanding of your production needs. We are pleased and excited to meet you in person, extend our professional communication, and provide the most accurate information to all your queries.

Make a beeline for Hall No. 01, Booth No. E - 19 at Plast Focus 2024, and let us show you the true potential of modern pipe extrusion technologies. We look forward to demonstrating how our state-of-the-art products can perfectly serve your operational objectives. We're not here just to present: we're here to partner, further your understanding, and define your success in the industry. Don't miss out on this unique chance to connect with us and other industry professionals—visit the Plast Focus 2024 website for more details.