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Multilayer Technology

Multilayer Technology
Multilayer technology | Rollepaal

Essential to any multilayer pipe production line is the die head and we believe that the Rollepaal Multilayer Die Heads (RMD) are the answer for producing sustainable and cost saving pipes.

The RMD die heads have a perfect skin distribution to maximize material savings. With our die heads you will save up to 70% virgin material. They are unique because the melt is transported through completely symmetrical round channels. These die heads enable quick tool change.


Next to these benefits, the RMD die heads also have a modular set up and are designed with round branches for quick and easy cleaning. They are suitable for foam core and solid wall. The die heads have a process range from K57 to K67 and foaming with 100% recycled (post-consumer scrap) material. Another great benefit is that our die heads fit on any extruder set up!


We are confident to say that Rollepaal has the best performing Multilayer Die Heads available in the market today and we would love to tell you more about this! Interested? You can contact us via info@rollepaal.com or call us +31 523 624599. Click here for more information about the Rollepaal Multilayer Die Heads.