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UV Exposure has no Practical Effects on PVC Pipe Performance

UV Exposure has no Practical Effects on PVC Pipe Performance
UV Exposure has no Practical Effects on PVC Pipe Performance

It is crucial to acknowledge that while UV radiation from sunlight has the potential to affect the outermost surface of PVC pipe, extensive research has validated that there is no practical impact on the pipe's performance characteristics even after prolonged exposure.

Significant Findings from a Two-Year UV Exposure StudyScreenshot 2024-06-27 145547

Per a two-year study, conducted by the PVC Pipe Association, the effects of long-term sunlight exposure on PVC sewer pipes have been quantified. The research showed that UV radiation exposure induces a change in the pipe’s surface color and a marginal reduction in impact strength. However, critical properties such as tensile strength (pressure rating) and modulus of elasticity (pipe stiffness) remain unaffected by this exposure.

From a practical standpoint, extensive exposure to UV radiation has no performance-based effect on PVC pipes. Even after two years, the average impact strength remains above the required value for a new pipe. Furthermore, a rigorous pipe flattening test, conducted following ASTM D2412, reveals that samples flattened to 40% of their original inside diameter exhibit no signs of cracking.

This test serves as compelling evidence that UV-exposed PVC pipe retains its flexibility. Moreover, it testifies to the resilience and reliability of PVC pipes, further reinforcing their suitability for various applications in various environmental conditions.


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